I don't have English blog at the moment. However some posts of my Czech blog are translated and listed here.

  • The hidden allure of a standup meeting

    Or how to pick up girl and what does it have in common with leading a stand up meeting.
  • Method level caching

    There is a funny word in my native Czech language which I like a lot - “kurvítko” (kur-veet-ko; loose translation: “screwed-up component”). Although colloquial and a bit vulgar, to me it has the same meaning as what would otherwise take me a long time to explain. It is a component that is rather insignificant within the greater whole but that can, at the same time, actually mess up such a greater whole in a major way. The world is not black and white and so when talking about components, it is better to use the term “kurvítko index”, which expresses the ratio between the mentioned properties. I have assigned my own internal “kurvítko index” to various development practices and this index influences my architectonic decisions to a great extent. Do you know what to me has the biggest “kurvítko index”? Without any doubt, it is Caching and High Availability.

  • Web moved to Jekyll

    I moved my web to Jekyll static web generator. It will take a long time until it will be worth the change so please see the previous version until then.