Subjective search engine comparison

I have my pages online for more than three months now so it was very surprising for me that there is a big difference in indexing quality and search relevance between different search engines.

Clearly all the engines had the same conditions:

Apart from that, I tried realy hard to get my pages to Google by using it's webmaster tools and analytics tool. What are the results?


Bing is a total loser. It indexes three pages and is in fact not worth mentioning at all.


Google was a great surprise. It sucks terribly. Pages are indexed weeks(!) after link has been added to the main page. Search relevance is terrible (xsl templates had higher importance than my articles even after I disallowed it in robots.txt). Seems to ignore any additional information in sitemap, just link is scaned. Seems to sometimes ignore robots.txt without any reason. Displays links to pages with http permanent redirection. Displays links to removed pages, saying it's linked from another removed pages. Overal impression is really poor.


Yahoo is an undisputable winner and also a great surprise because I though it's backend is now the same as Bing's. Without any webmaster tools or analytics it is able to index new pages fast, it's search relevance is good enough and it even do XSL processing before indexing! (Google and Bing does not)


I made this survey so that I can decide which search api should I use for my site's search box. The decision is simple - it will be Yahoo BOSS. The interesting thing is only that those other engines are so bad.

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