Preparing bootable USB stick for Debian Squeeze installer in Windows

Small how-to for common use case. There are links for images of Debian Squeeze installer for usb, but it's hard to find manual on how to prepare them. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to find manual on how to do that on Windows. What a good work in promoting Linux to Windows users.

  1. Go to the list of images.
  2. Download iso images you would normaly burn onto CD or DVD (but the size must not exceed 256 MB or whatewer the size of usb image downloaded in the following steps will be).
  3. Follow the link in section "other images (netboot, USB stick, etc)" according to your architecture.
  4. Go to the hd-media subfolder.
  5. Download boot.img.gz.
  6. Unpack it.
  7. Download and unzip dd for windows.
  8. Insert your usb stick. Note that after following steps it will be completely erased.
  9. Execute following command: dd --list
  10. Find your usb stick's id in the list (It will look something like this: \\.\Volume{c18588c0-02e9-11d8-853f-00902758442b})
  11. Copy the image to usb with following command: dd if=<unpacked img name> of=<usb stick's id> bs=1MB
  12. Copy downloaded iso images to the root directory of USB (normal file copy, not dd).
  13. Now you have your bootable USB stick with Debian Squeeze installer.
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