Upload in pure Javascript WebDAV file manager

I've had idea of pure javascript webdav file manager in mind for almost half a year. I've found out that it's already been implemented by IT Hit company, but it's commercial and very expensive so I decided to implement it myself. However there have been fundamental problem with file upload. Until now.

Ability of Javascript to send WebDAV request is not generaly a known fact. But today I worked on a proof of concept of a feature which I think has never been published before and which I'm excited about so much that I want to write about it even before the whole project is available.

The major drawback of IT Hit's file browser is that it has to have their proprietary, non-standard WebDAV server for file uploads to work. And I think that it shouldn't be necessary in the future thanks to the new Javascript File API.

Because the File API is already implemented in Firefox 3.6 I've tried it today with this code (ugly, incomplete, browser specific, but working):

And it worked!!! I was able to upload some image to the server and then view it in a browser.

This was my last obstacle in creating thick admin client for my pages without any server side backend (except for standard WebDAV, which is available in majority of servers). Yay!

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